Yangon Travel Guide

Here are just a few travel tips for Yangon or Rangoon as it used to be known. The country is opening up, as they say, and now is the time to get there.

Shwedagon Paya

Temple étiquette for dummies

This is the one temple you have to do in Yangon. It can be a mission up the stairs to the pagoda but if you aim to enter from the western side you can take the escalators up much more conformably than sweating the hill climb.


Scooters and motorbikes and thus mototaxis are banned in Yangon. There’s story that sometime in the past a scooter hit the presidents car in Yangon and he then outlawed motorbikes. Seems to be the best explanation I’ve heard as they are prolific in the rest of the country. So in yang ion you only have the option of taxis. You should be able to go anywhere in the city for no more than $2.50 or 2500 kyat.

A day on the Circle Line train in Yangon

A day on the Circle Line train in Yangon

Be aware there are 2 types of trains that ply this line. One is the brand new trains that have just been donated by Japan that have electric doors, air conditioning and seats that face inwards to each other. The other is the old traditional trains with no doors, no glass in the windows and hard wooden seats. Ensure you get tickets for the old school train as the new Japanese train has windows that only open a few inches so you spend 3-4 hours swivelled on your seat trying to peek through the tiny gap in the window.

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