I had the privilege of attending the opening function of “Woks of Art” the other night.  What is it ….. other than a delightful pun? Well basically, Tiger Beer has sponsored the repurposing of some authentic woks into legitimate pieces of art.  These pieces have now gone on display at a number of locations around the city including The Soda Factory, Surly’s, The Village Inn, The Royal Albert Hotel & a particular favourite of mine Earl’s Juke Joint.  The latter being the bar on King Street, Newtown with the butcher shop façade and the sign Betta Meats (I only figured out that it was a bar by the fact that there was a queue out the front and a bouncer at 9 at night – as popular as good butchery can be, this seemed suspicious.) But I digress, this event was attended by a few local publicans of note, representatives of Tiger Beer, performers (the contact juggling was particularly impressive) and guys like me.

Woks of Art - a look into the real Singapore Launch Event Wok2 Wok3 unspecified-5

So what did I learn from an evening on a rooftop in Surry Hills? Well, firstly I learned that a wok is a surprisingly good alternative for canvas. See some of the photos if you don’t believe me. I learned that my love of Singapore Chili Crab shows no signs of abating.  The same can be applied to satay skewers, laksa, lo bak and any number of other traditional street food delicacies as well.

Woks of Art - a look into the real Singapore Launch Event

Finally, my love for beer is resolute.  Tiger tell me that there beer is perfect for hot & humid weather, well Sydney conspired to aid the testing of this theory. It was a hot & humid night in Surry Hills (one of the first in a particularly wet summer), but a few clean crisp Tigers managed to get me through.  In addition, it was a great accompaniment to some high quality hawker food.

Woks of Art - a look into the real Singapore Launch Event

So if you want to get a bit of culture in your pub going experience (in addition to a high quality bit of slow cooked lamb shoulder if you end up at the Village Inn) then get your skates on.  While you are there you may want to wash it down with a bit of Tiger too.