Where Melbourne Chefs Eat.

Asking chefs where to eat is nothing new.

So where do Melbourne’s chefs eat?

Why not look to our own head, sous, and commis chefs
to dish out the insider tips for Melbourne?


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Melbourne’s top 5 bars where you can taste the local wines

Melbourne is the coastal haven of Australia and is renowned for an array of different bars that are located throughout the city.  Each of these bars is unique in their own perspective and all of them have their own persona, which attracts people from all around the...

Dead Dolls House Ibiza Feast

The Dead Dolls House in Islington is better known as a late night venue cocktail bar and boozy weekend brunches.  They have now launched a monthly Bacchanalian Feast, named after the Roman god of wine and debauchery, Bacchus.  Hosted on the first Thursday of each...

Gong Bar Review

This week GŌNG Bar, perched atop the 52nd floor of the Shangri-La Hotel in The Shard, launched its new menu, entitled Director’s Cut. The menu is inspired famous film directors and attempts to illustrate parallels in storytelling, capturing that essence in a cocktail....

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