A punchy British-made spirit is given a light, summer twist thanks to the blending power of the Kenwood kMix.

Regular readers of our blog will know that, while we spend a LOT of time eating and drinking our way around London, we rarely cook in. In fact, whenever we do get creative in the kitchen it usually involves raiding our drinks cabinet and whipping up a few cocktails inspired by our favourite bars.

Kenwood kMix

When it comes to experimenting, it’s all about having the right kit. Shaken or stirred is so old-school when you can use a juicer, blender or processor to quickly combine a variety of ingredients or squeeze all the delicious goodness from colourful fruit and veg.

For this recipe, we grabbed a stylish Kenwood kMix Blender and our favourite British liquor to whizz up an easy summer sipper. Bold London Spirit can be served as a taste-bud tingling aperitif or cleansing after-dinner digestif, but now that warmer weather is almost here we were keen to come up with a slightly longer, refreshing drink that’s served over ice. Yep, the blender’s 1.6 litre glass goblet can crush ice cubes easily – in fact the function is one of its four pre-set programmes.

Because Bold is made by infusing sour cherry, Cassia bark and botanicals including anise, vanilla, lavender, hibiscus, clove and raspberry leaves we figured fresh raspberries were going to be the perfect partner, along with a splash of elderflower cordial to add a hint of floral sweetness to the blend.

It’s super simple to assemble – and thanks to the way the goblet drops into the base unit, there’s no fiddly screwing or aligning that needs to happen, plus you can add ingredients through the pouring spout without having to take off the lid. This is also great for adding the ice, as you don’t want to get splashed with cocktail!

Kenwood kMix

Talking of (not) making a mess, the blender’s glass goblet is really easy to clean. The smooth design means there are no hard to reach places for ingredients to get lodged under the stainless steel blades, so seconds after serving up we had washed up, too.

[Recipe ingredients]

Makes two serves

50ml Bold London Spirit

25ml elderflower cordial

15ml fresh lemon juice

8 fresh raspberries, plus a few to serve

handful of ice cubes

[Recipe method]

  1. Measure out the spirit, cordial and lemon juice and pour into the blender
  2. Pop on the lid and add the washed raspberries through the pouring spout to avoid splashes
  3. Blend for 10 seconds on the pre-set drinks function
  4. Add the ice cubes through the pouring spout and whizz for 10 seconds on the pre-set ice crush function
  5. Pour into chilled glasses through a fine strainer to remove any raspberry seeds
  6. Garnish with a few extra raspberries

Note: If you prefer less strong version, simply add 50ml of cloudy apple juice along with the other liquid ingredients at the start

Kenwood kMix

Kenwood kMix

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