I’ve been growing my craft spirits collection in my home bar over the last 6 months and luckily been able to get my hands on some of the recipes for upcoming cocktails for this year’s Cocktails in the City.

Cocktails on offer will include:

Seasons of Luv – The Royal Exchange with U’luvka vodka

50ml U’luvka vodka infused dry figs

40ml pink grapefruit juice

30ml oregano tea

20ml sugar syrup

10ml lemon juice

The Royal Exchange_U'Luvka

Maker’s Baker ­- Looking Glass Cocktail Club with Maker’s Mark

60 ml Maker’s Mark

10 ml Cider Reduction with winter spice

10 ml Houseblend Americano Vermouth

15 ml Liquid Pannetone

Dash Homemade Sinners Bitters

Looking Glass_Makers' Mark

The Root Gimlet -­ Powder Keg Diplomacy with Plymouth Gin

50 ml Plymouth Gin

10 ml Fresh Lime Juice

50 ml Carrot and Horseradish Cordial

Garnish: Lime Twist

Plymouth Gin_Powder Keg

The Irish Rover ­- Whiskey Ginger with The Pogues

50ml The Pogues Irish Whiskey

12.5ml Green Chartreuse

10ml Gomme

25ml Fresh Lime Juice

50ml Fresh Apple Juice

8 Fresh Mint Leaves

Garnish: Mint Sprig

The Pogues_ The Whiskey Ginger2

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