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I have no time for omelettes. Omelettes are just a way of saying “I was too clumsy to keep your egg intact so I chucked in a few more ingredients and called it breakfast. Enjoy your mess”. The same goes for scrambled eggs. Keep my eggs intact and my yolks runny.


I understand the place that omelettes have in chef-lore. Don’t @ me chefs, with your tales of simplicity and execution of omelette perfection. I get it, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

These are all things I may have said before entering T-Roy Browns and trying their omelettes for the first time.

T-Roy Browns is serving up brunch perfection in Melbourne

T-Roy Browns is a tiny cafe on Flinders St (just by the gym in those weird vault things along from the station. You know where I mean) and until recently kept to the basics, with a coffee machine manned by owner Troy Benjamin slinging Cartel coffee, while a jaffle machine pumped out melted and toasty treats.


Now they’ve stepped up their game with the addition of Petros Dellidis. Leaving his life as a chef for the MaDE establishment, where he was head chef at Little Press and Cellar and Project and Development Chef at Maha, he is now in command of a much smaller kitchen; making a pair of omelettes that are so perfect I wouldn’t be surprised if they had just spent an hour on their core next door, getting that frame tight and sculpted.

T-Roy Browns is serving up brunch perfection in Melbourne

The menu will change seasonally and with availability of produce but when we visited there were two omelettes and one granola on offer. It may seem like not much breakfast choice, but honestly, choice is irrelevant when you’re nailing something like this. First up is “Lean” ($12.50). An egg-white omelette with mushroom, avocado, peppers, cottage cheese, and the option to add some chicken ($2.50) to really max that protein (that’s how gym people talk, right?). While the other is “Mean” ($15) which has whole eggs, chorizo, gruyere, feta, and is dotted with red and green chili.

The Mean, being my pick, was eye openingly delightful. Spice, flavour and texture in effortless balance.

T-Roy Browns is serving up brunch perfection in Melbourne

For lunch options, hearty but healthy fare is on offer, with meal packs at $15 that show off Dellidis’ background using a combination of proteins such as chicken, salmon, or sous vide beef, flavoured brown rice and a myriad of nuts, vegetables and dressings. There is also an option to mix and match proteins priced by the gram with ready made salads. Clearly gunning for the gym market next door but the kind of food I’m often looking for when near Flinders Station.


What can I say, maybe I just care about what goes into my body.

T-Roy Browns is serving up brunch perfection in Melbourne

Additionally their shake and juice game is on lock, with one of our party going for one known as the “Nut Kicker” that features banana, spinach, peanut butter, pea protein, yoghurt and almond milk. I don’t know what pea protein is, but I do know as a taste was had, the rest of our group ordered one for themselves. I went for the Purple Haze, which is beetroot, celery, blueberries, ginger, sumac, and coconut water. Also delicious but not quite in the Nut Kicker realm.

The jaffles are still there, as are a couple of “Naughty” shakes with ingredients like Teddy Beer Biscuits and rocky road. I can honestly say I wouldn’t considering straying from the healthy fare though.

T-Roy Browns is serving up brunch perfection in Melbourne

The final highlight of our visit was also our first, in the form of the Cartel coffee. In flat white form the milk was silky and the coffee was delicate and rich. With dark fruit, cocoa and a slight sweetness.

T-Roy Browns is serving up brunch perfection in Melbourne

I really feel weird fawning over invited meals like this. Like, “hey I got a freebie so I have to write something positive” but honestly I couldn’t really fault our experience. The day was miserable so we had to sit inside rather than people watch from their outside tables. This meant the noise of the coffee machine led to us having to raise our voices a little.

There, there is a fault to make it look like this isn’t just a PR exercise. I ain’t no shill.

All in all though, with spot-on coffee and a world class chef relaxing into weekday work (they aren’t open weekends) and flexing his muscles in that health food game, what’s not to like?

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