Food is great.  I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Going out for dinner is good too.  Getting dressed up, being out in the world and experiencing the atmosphere of a restaurant – it’s terrific. Of course, sometimes, the world is not a place you want to be and you need the safety of a couch and your tracksuit pants.

I get it – no judgement here.

So you need the comfort of home and the comfort of food delivered to you.  That’s nothing new – pizza companies have been delivering for as long as I can remember and apps like menulog are making it easier and easier.  However, you’re a foodie.  You aren’t going to settle for any ordinary Chinese take away, local Thai establishment or second rate burger.  You want quality … naturally.  Why shouldn’t you?

Suppertime Delivery - Sydney

Well you can rest easier.  Suppertime is here and they have brought the hottest restaurants together and organized them into one convenient delivery service.  I recently tried it for myself and with a friend organized for a bit of lunch to be sent to the office.  Firstly, the website – easy to navigate … simply put in a postcode and see what is available.  For us, the latin fusion of Jimmy Blanco’s.  Select what you want to eat – we chose empanadas, chicken wings, a fish finger burger and a fig and roast chicken salad.  Input your payment details and you’re away.  The system isn’t revolutionary, and it need not be, it is familiar and easy to use.  There are plenty of pictures, reviews and explanations to ensure that you get what you need.

Suppertime Delivery - Sydney

Then to delivery, well, it was fast … about 30 minutes.  Which in a city like Sydney is very good going.  I have used Suppertime multiple times since my first experience and the delivery time is pretty consistent.  Finally the food, Jimmy Blanco’s was great, the food was creative and fun, super tasty and well priced.  Since then, I have ordered a couple of times from Shenkin Kitchen and that too has been fantastic.

Suppertime Delivery - Sydney

So in summary, what have we got? A convenient website that delivers the best food in town, right to your door, super fast.  And in news just announced – they now have an app making it even easier to order.  You’re kidding me – how could it get any better?

Now a word of caution.  Given the way Suppertime works, using the best and hottest restaurants (in Sydney or Melbourne) you do need to be closer to the city to get the most out of it.  The pickings get slimmer the further from town you go.  Of course, this is a new enterprise, so we can expect further expansion in the near future.

Finally, go on the website (or download the app), pour yourself a glass of wine, put on your comfiest track pants and let the best food in town come to you!