What is the Shtox glass?

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This unique in its kind glass, which can spin on the table. At first glance, the idea that the glass can rotate seems unbelievable and difficult for understanding. But in fact this “phenomenon” is as simple and obvious as the rotation of a wheel. You just take a glass (empty, or with a drink), put it on the table, with a slight movement of the hand give a glass the rotational movement and… a miracle happens: the glass is spinning on the table in front of your admiring eyes.

Why does the Shtox glass spin?

Shots Glass review

The thing is in the unique, specially designed shape of the bottom of the glass, which is patented as an invention.

The Shtox glass can be compared with a whirligig (a humming-top). A humming-top is in an upright position only during the rotation, but as soon as the rotation of the top slows down, it falls over on its side. This obviously does not happen with the Shtox glass. 

Of course, the Shtox glass is not a perpetuum mobile – it spins because of the movement of your hand. But still… all the same – why does it rotate, unlike all other tumblers? The secret lies in a unique, specially designed shape of the bottom of the Shtox glass.

During the production of glasses at the factory an experienced grinder manually brings up the form of the bottom of each glass to the right one. Such high precision of grinding allows the Shtox glass to spin and at the same time, not to sway from side to side.

Shots Glass review

People usually shake or twirl their glasses with their drinks – as usually happens with someone wanting to small a wine in a wine glass.

Here is what Evgeny Bushkovsky – the businessman and designer who invented the glass Shtox, told us”

“Rotating glass for whiskey Shtox appeared due to the fact that I love to go out to bars to meet up with my friends and savor my favorite drink – whiskey. At the same time, watching the people, I often noticed that many people casually, try to wiggle and twist in the hands the glasses with their drinks. However, I always pointed out that people are trying to twist the glasses, which by definition can not spin, because they are simply the most ordinary glasses. Once I had an idea: why not to invent a glass, which could really spin on the table, thus bringing the joy to their owners.

Shots Glass review

The first spinning glasses from the ordinary manufactured glass, refined per hand by myself, surprised all my friends and got one hundred percent approval. Then I had to spend a lot of time and effort to obtain a patent for an invention and to find the manufacturer who could bring this idea to the finished product. Production costs of these glasses were quite high, because it took the use of manual labor for precision machining of the bottom of each glass. To justify the high cost of glasses, I decided to search for international recognition of my idea by competent people. With this goal, I sent a glass Shtox to the contest Red dot design award. Again I had a bit of luck, and the glass Shtox was recognized by the competent international jury as a winner of Red dot Design Award 2009.”

Where can I buy Shtox glasses?