Sharky’s Craft Spirits and Cocktail Guide – Daffy's Gin

Who’s behind Daffy’s Gin?

The quest at Daffy’s was and is to make the world’s best London Dry gin…not a sweetened or heavily flavoured gin but a London Dry Gin so untimately refined and complex that you can enjoy it straight.

Sharky’s Craft Spirits and Cocktail Guide – Daffy's Gin

To accomplish this Daffy’s have invented a ‘slow cook’ distillation process, distilling for 9.5 hours instead of what would normally be around 4. This, like with slow cooking in food allows them to keep great depth of flavour and finesse with none of the harshness or burn.

Where did it all start?

Chris Molyneaux (Master Distiller) formally trained as a wine maker and distiller and was involved in producing many of the world’s finest spirits around the globe- whiskey in Canada and Ireland, whisky, vodka and gin in Scotland, rum in Australia, soju in Korea, baijiu in China, and various other fine liquids in Itlay, Kenya, Ghana and Jamaica. As he travelled, his conviction grew that what the world needed was a London Dry gin, with such complexity and finesse that it could be drunk neat to stand up alongside the very finest of all the other world class spirits that were designed to be enjoyed straight.

Sharky’s Craft Spirits and Cocktail Guide – Daffy's Gin

The quest then began to take gin distilling back to its purest form by sourcing the very best of traditional gin botanicals, seeking out new and leading varieties, harvested and stored as perfectly as possible.

This included the trialling and use of the unique botanical Lebanese mint grown on his father-in-law’s vineyard in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon which gives Daffy’s its extraordinarily creamy texture.

What sets Daffy’s Gin apart?

Sharky’s Craft Spirits and Cocktail Guide – Daffy's Gin

  • The name ‘DAFFY’ is an old Dickensian/ Victorian nickname for gin from the early 1800s, just as ‘booze’ is today for alcohol ‘Daffy’ was then, the slang for gin.
  • The illustration on the bottle is by the artist Robert McGinnis whose first piece of commercial work was the Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster with Audrey Hepburn. He also painted the James Bond artwork in the 60s and 70s and Barberella along with many works of fine art.
  • Daffy’s packaging is 100% recyclable, they use the very best one piece natural cork from Portugal, beech closure from Italy, Italian crystal decanter from Milan and the screen print which is fired onto the bottle locally in Scotland, is one of  the most complicated screen prints ever done on a bottle.

What’s in the future for Daffy’s Gin?

Daffy’s have had an extremely busy start to the year, branching out into several far-flung new customer markets such as New Zealand and recently gaining a UK national listing in Waitrose. Many festivals, events and sponsorships are planned for the UK and overseas, being led by Daffy’s Ambassador Lindsay Blair. 2016 is set to be a busy and fun-packed year!

Serving Suggestions:

Sharky’s Craft Spirits and Cocktail Guide – Daffy's Gin

The stunning Elderflower Dandy created by Richard at The Black Fox, Edinburgh.

50ml Daffy’s Gin

25ml St Germaine Elderflower

10ml Jack Rudy Elderflower Tonic

25ml Gomme

25ml Egg white

25ml Lemon

Dry shake, shake with ice then fine strain.

Where can I find out more about Daffy’s Gin?

Buy online here.