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Your taste buds are in for a tickling as Sharking for Chips and Drinks guide you through London’s most delicious dishes, new restaurant openings and must-visit street feasts and pop-ups.

This week we are vent over one of the most disappointing dining experiences we’ve had in London/our lives.

Broadcasting from the heart of Shoreditch, tune in as Nic Crilly-Hargrave and Helen Alexander – the writer-photographer team behind the award-winning site Sharking for Chips and Drinks – chat about all things culinary.

Where we've been eating and drinking in London this week
Where we’ve been eating/drinking this week/fortnight

Brooklyn Brewery Beer Mansion

Chiswick Fire Station

Milk + Fields Cafe

Le Bun


Wringer and Mangle

Smoke & Salt


Rok Smokehouse Islington

Trade Union

MeatLiquor Brain Burger

Jan Clapham

Burgerac’s Burgershack at The Social

Bath Roadtrip

Hoppers x Chicken Sours

Junkyard Golf