Restaurant DC by darren chin

Restaurant DC by darren chin is located along Persiaran Zaaba TTDI, Kuala Lumpur – an urban township, housed in a 3-storey building built in the 1970s.
Each floor houses a different experience, inspired by the same spirit of innovation –
Ground Floor:
“Le Comptoir”- by darren chin.  Literally “the counter”
Le Comptoir promises a dining experience with a more casual feel, but with no compromise on quality. It offers a prix fixe menu (wine pairing optional) with dishes varying from day to day depending on what we find at the markets. This concept encourages guests to get close to the action, and watch as their chefs prepare and present their creations.
Restaurant DC by darren chin
1st Floor:
“La Salle”- by darren chin. Literally means -The Room
DC restaurant’s main dining area, still with a daily changing prix fixe menu, but in a more formal environment.  Here, culinary experts push the boundaries, with a touch of luxury transporting diners into the sublime.
Restaurant DC by darren chin
Top Floor:
DC restaurant’s “L’atelier”(workshop)/test kitchen. A private space for chefs to innovate new ideas as well as to host cooking classes on weekends.  This floor features a mini greenhouse, supplying herbs and vegetables to the restaurant as well as a prominent spice display featuring spices from all over the world.  In this inspiring environment, Chef Darren shares his techniques and ideas with aspiring chefs, whether competent near-professionals or interested beginners.
Restaurant DC by darren chin
DC restaurant is based on the following philosophies which form the backbone of the restaurant
– respect for what our land has to offer (i.e. terroir)
– the principles of the Slow Food Movement – that the best product, and therefore the best food, is good, clean and fair.  We respect nature only by using products at their seasonal peak.  We honour the hard work of our farmers by making full use of every part of the harvest, from the skins that hold the pods to leaves that sprout from the trees.
– the combination of classical french and modernist techniques to show the product at its best.
-no boundaries
– tried and tested flavour combinations, be it a perfectly seared cured-smoked magret de canard with grapefruit granite, or the chef’s signature foie gras ganache with hibiscus reduction and 66% cacao chocolat.
-spirit of sharing information- the joy of cooking is rooted in the spirit of sharing and bringing happiness to our guests.  They gladly share this joy with people who have similar passions.
-biography of the chef-
Having cooked professionally for 14 years and trained in France. Darren holds strongly to certain principles, which form the fundamentals of his cuisine and art.
Restaurant DC by darren chin
1)Being honest and pure
Even though he have been classically trained in french kitchens, he am a strong believer in “la Jeune Cuisine”(young cuisine).  This philosophy is driven by a new generation of chefs, determined to strip away the unnecessary and redundant.  This denotes a new cuisine, unpretentious, to a certain extent raw, and which presents nature’s bounty it in its purest form.
2)The next generation
Darren want to give back to the community what he has learnt. Share with fellow chefs the techniques and concepts which he have developed, educating younger chefs, as well as diners, to be more open to the possibilities of cuisine.
Proper cooking technique forms the building blocks of good cuisine.
Without basic knowledge and technique, there is no innovation and creativity.
This is what distinguishes a chef from a cook.
Restaurant DC by darren chin
Darren is truly passionate about what is in season, how he can prepare a good recipe by celebrating ingredients at their peak.
Even though we do not have four seasons in Malaysia, they speak with our suppliers and farmers daily, so they know when ingredients are at their best.
Food is a powerful tool, and can make us feel different in so many ways.
Darren would like to show diners a different kind of approach to food.  All he asks for is customers to come into DC restaurant with an open mind. Allow the chefs and staff to take you on a special gastronomic ride, as their dishes and techniques constantly evolve. So please bear with them if they’re are not serving your favourite dish on any particular day; they are always looking to improve and add excitement to your dining experience!
Contact: Restaurant DC by darren chin. No. 44 Persiaran Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur. Ph. 603 7727 7168. Website. Facebook. Instagram.