Sweet Forbidden Journey

When? March 14, 2015.

What is it? A Sweet Van to satisfy nearly everyone’s sweet tooth.

Who’s behind it? A trained pastry chef named Renee, who became obsessed with Food Trucks and noticed a gap in the menus and decided to start her own food truck business and try to fill the gap.

Size? A Mobile Food Truck that can cater for any event

What’s on the Menu? You may find a variety of sweets with a seasonal changing menu. The Rocky Road which contains Turkish delight, honeycomb, marshmallow & pistachio covered in layers of chocolate should fix any sweet tooth. Or old school favourites like mini lemon meringue pies, chocolate crackles, honey joys, baklava and banana splits.

When Renee travelled to America she was introduced to cinnamon scrolls and fell in love which resulted in another menu item alongside chocolate scrolls. Her signature dish honeycomb semi freddo that she’s been making for a many a year that’s has been adapted to sell in her food van. I’m sure no one going to complain about chocolate gluten free cookies filled with honeycomb ice cream on a hot Melbourne day.

Newly Open: Sweet Forbidden Journey Food Truck - Melbourne

And if you think you need more chocolate how about a chocolate/ strawberry gluten free cupcake? Adding to the selection is the Chinita Dessert which are restaurant quality desserts in a jar. With a variety of flavours to choice from and allergies covered everyone should fit a sugar fix.

Bookings?  Unnecessary

Contact: Sweet Forbidden Journey Food Truck – In and around Melbourne. Ph. 0407533275. Website. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.