Halva logoHalva Bakery

When? September 7, 2015

What is it? Halva, an independent bakery and cafe, which offers a wide range of breads, pastries and cakes.

Who’s behind it? Halva is owned by Lila Sarhang Zadeh, who classically trained as a pastry chef in France, before deciding to realize her dream and launch her first venture in the capital.

Halva Fulham

Size? Capacity of 24

What’s on the Menu? A wide selection of tasty treats including French traditional baguettes made using French flour known as “tradition flour”, as well as other loaves using locally sourced rye and spelt flours. You will also find morning goods such as croissants, pain au chocolat, pistachio and chocolate swirls which come in various delicious flavours such as; custard and rum soaked raisins and lemon zest custard and blueberries.

Fresh scones are also on offer as well as apple turn overs, with half an apple from London’s famous Covent Garden Market at its heart, all hand made on the premises using French butter. For those with a sweet tooth, pastry items will include a French fusion pastry expertly made from scratch using high quality ingredients, seasonal fruits and also offer unusual combinations of flavours. Macarons, banana crème brulée Paris Brest, and the ever-popular lemon crunchy meringue tart are just a few of the pastries available.

Halva Fulham

Bookings? Halva provides a wide range of bespoke, stunning cakes, baked to order for all special occasions.

Contact: Halva Bakery: 771 Fulham Road London SW6 5HA. Ph. 02078342045. Website. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.

Trading Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 7:30am – 7pm; Saturday: 8am – 6pm; Sunday: 8am – 2pm.