When? November 22, 2014

What is it? BeerMash is a partnership of people who have been involved in Smith St
enterprises for many years. It’s Craft Beer ready to be carted away in Growlers, Squealers and in bottled form.

Who’s behind it?  Kieran Hennessy, Geoff Sturre and store manager Manning Blanchard.

Size? Craft beer shop size innit.

What’s on the Menu? This is a Growler store for those who like an evolving array of drinks to sample before they buy (or refill). The retail store allows customers to taste all the products before they buy. Craft beer is be chosen from producers with a story to fill the 20 taps.

There is much more than Craft Beer available. There’s also be Craft Cider, Kombucha, cold brewed Coffee and seasonal Wines.  Products can be purchased and taken home in Growlers that are reusable at the store.  Product lines will change monthly, so there will always be a reason to visit.

Initial tap lines include TwoBirds Brewing, BrewDog, Yeastie BoysBridge Road Brewers, Custard & Co – Cider,  DOC Wines, Kaiju, Evil Twin, Beat Coffee and Remedy Kombucha.

Bookings? No

Contact: BeerMash – 306 Smith St, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia 3066. Ph. 8415 0722. WebsiteFacebookTwitter. Instagram.

BeerMash - Collingwood, Melbourne