Monywa Travel Guide 2015

Why travel to Monywa?

Monywa Travel Guide 2015

If you’re coming from Katha or Manderlay to Bagan this is a town that’s worth breaking up the long journey. Lonely Planet says Shwebo is where you should stop but again they are very wrong. I would stop at Monywa over Shwebo any day of the week.

Scooter Hire in Monywa

Scooter Hire in Monywa

If you do hire a scooter we recommend getting out before 8am as no matter what direction you ride it’s going to be baking hot. There’s two ways to approach the sights on the outskirts of town – head across the river to some temples built into rock faces (which we did) or head out the other way of town to visit the Largest Standing Buddha in the World (which we should have done). You can also do all these sights by tuk tuk.
Where to stay in Monywa – Even though Monywa is not on any travellers’ to-do-list colour me intrigues to find almost all the hotels in the town booked out. We strongly suggest you ring ahead to book when you know you will be in town and bargain hard as the rooms are very pricy for what they are. Try to get them to $25 which is as far as we found they would budge. We stayed in Green Arrow near the clock tower. They started at $35 and we got them to $25 by just standing at check in saying we would only pay $25 for the quality of room they had.

Where to eat in Monywa

Scooter Hire in Monywa

There’s some really good night market stalls down near the clock tower and you can easily eat your fill from a large assortment of stalls.

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