Mawlamyine Travel Guide

How long in Mawlamyine?

Train from Yangon to Mawlamyine

This was our favourite town to visit in Myanmar so we suggest at 3 days to see/do everything. And we highly suggest taking the train from Yangon – ordinary class to sit with the locals.

Give Breeze Guest House a WIDE berth


Our room in Breeze Guest House was dire.

Breeze Guest house in Mawlamyine is just a terribly dirty guesthouse as it’s Lonely Planet’s top pick for budget travellers. We did a review for where you should stay.

Half day trip worth your time

Kyauktalon Taung, Myanmar

Take a half day trip on a tuk tuk or moto to the reclining buddha (Win Sien Taw Ya), climb to the temple of Kyauktalon Taung and a few other sites for $15. You’ll most likely be the only foreigners doing the trip and it’s well worth it as the small mountains you climb (20 mins) were found no other places in Myanmar.

Skip the Golden Rock and do this instead 


Take the public transport route to Nwa-La-Bo – it’s super easy. You get to do it with the locals and will be the only white people/tourists doing this trip to the alternative Golden Rock. The ride up is out of this world and we were able to bypass the dire accommodation that you are forced to stay in if you went to the real Golden Rock and it saved us 2 nights in travel by bypassing it. This was the highlight of my time in Myanmar. Should take you just a few hours round trip.

Get out of the tourist square

Mawlamyine Markets

There are 2 markets in Mawlamyine and both are worth your time but the one in the north of the town is amazing and hardly gets any travellers as it’s not marked on any maps. Search for it at the start of the Lonely Planet town walk. Some great food and people/stall holders who you need to go and photo.

Morning tea shop

Mawlamyine tea shop

We got this tip from the owner of our guest house we reviewed above. We found many locals have frequented the tea shop underneath Araura Guesthouse sine they were children and now take their children there as a treat each day. Great tea, samosas and chicken baos to feast on while surrounded by locals.

Best Samosas

Mawlamyine best samosas

There’s a family stall that you have to visit that make the best samosas in town. Take the lift from the main pagoda to ground level and then take the covered walkway that leads down to the river. At the first intersection on your right hand side corner you will find them set up and cooking up fresh batches.

Boat from Mawlamyine to Hpa An 2015

Boat from Mawlamyine to Hpa An 2015

Give the boat that Breeze Guest House organises as they overlap the boat with as many people as they can. The owners of the above reviewed guest house have another operator who just started and has a good boat for cheaper. I just think no more money hours fall into the knobs at Breese. But they are the only place in town with wifi – so go in whenever you first walk past and ask to see a laminated activities list. on the wall beside the doors looking out to the river is the wifi password.

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