Mandalay Travel Guide 2015

Where to say in Mandalay?

Where to say in Mandalay - M3 Hotel

We came through town a few times and the best place we stayed was at M3 Hotel – best booked in advance on Agoda. Their rooms show what can be had for an extra $15 that you pay for hovels in the rest of Myanmar and it’s here you can do a proper wash of your clothes and stay centrally. The team here has great english and will go to any length to book onward transport and accommodation. They have free bike hire but as we will go onto below – Mr Jerry motorbike hire is just around the corner and has both automatic and manual bikes for hire to get to the outskirts of Mandalay easily.

Grin and bare it

Mandalay walking tour

Brave the heat and the dust. Head into the back alleys of Mandalay where you will really be rewarded. To find the unbeaten path I suggest following the trail of the Lonely Planet walking guide but early in the piece head off book and into the village lanes.

Hire a scooter

Scooter hire in Mandalay

The main reason you read online why people prefer Yangon to Mandalay is because Mandalay is a very large flat city with no public transport to get around. The city is too big to do on foot so hire a scooter for the day/s or suck it up and charter a taxi.

The World’s Largest Teak Bridge

 World’s Largest Teak Bridge

If you do hire a scooter or a taxi this is well worth heading out for. Taungthaman Lake’s bridge is largely used by locals, there are tourists but on the span of the bridge you’re not going to notice too much. Had we been able to do it all again we would have gladly substituted this lake for Inle lake and not wasted so much time there.

Foodie’s drought

foodie Mandalay

A large downfall for Mandalay is that there’s not many designated foodie hotspots. If you do find an area that does good food, stick to it. We do suggest hitting up Little India and around 31st Street where we did find a few good stalls.

19th hole

Mandalay driving range

One of the best things we did in Mandalay was visit the driving range. It’s cheap and really fun. 700k (70c) for for 60 balls, 1000k ($1) for club hire and you’re off and racing.`

Games Arcade

We spotted this on the way out of town but didn’t get a chance to visit. If you want to see what a Burmese games arcade is like head to 10th and 66th street intersection.


dusty Mandalay

Mandalay is one giant dustbowl – you’ll understand it once you experience it. We highly suggest that is you wear contact lenses, that this city will be best travelled with glasses and save your contacts for other towns on your travels.

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