This post came to me after doing a search of the internets and coming up empty other than one Time Out article written back in 2007 which had dead links – so it’s time to bring you all up to speed.

After putting a call out on Twitter for suggestions, people said that they didn’t know of any decent restaurants who also offered catering to outside businesses. I also threw out that possibly Deliveroo was filling the gap in the market as they are able to deliver large orders from a huge number of restaurants quickly to clients.  I have found that a few restaurants probably would consider doing catering for the right prices well.

Here are my personal picks:

Restaurant catering London

Who? Bodeans

Location? Central London + Soho
Price Range? £13.95pp – £23.95 delivered – min 10 guests
Offering? Options for starters, salads, sides, bread, meats and dessert. Platters £60-80 serve 10.
Restaurant catering London

Who? Lazeez Lebanese Tapas

Location? Mayfair/Central London
Price Range? Wraps £8.95. Cold tapas £5.50. Hot tapas £6.95. Salads £9.95. Grilled meat/Platters served with rice or fries £15-18. Burgers with fries £10.95. Sides £4.95
Offering? Breakfast through to dinner. Shawarma wraps, hot and cold tapas, salads, main course gilled meats, platters and burgers.
Restaurant catering London

Who? Leon

Location? Soho & Bankside, The Strand, Spitalfields, South Kensington, Kings Cross, Canary Wharf
Price Range? Hot Boxes £6.95. Wraps £5.95. Meatballs £6.85. Superfood Salads £3.75. Burgers £5.75.
Offering? Breakfast (Porridge £2.50, Muffins £3.75, Juices £2), Hot boxes (Grilled meat boxes with salad), wraps, superfoods.
Restaurant catering London

Who? The Modern Pantry

Location? Clerkenwell
Price Range? Breakfast starts at £2 for pastries – £9.50 for cooked breakfast. Mains around £20.
Offering? Able to provide a catering service to London based clients on a bespoke basis – anything from delivery of a cold buffet breakfast or lunch to a fully catered seated dinner.
Restaurant catering London

Who? Salt Yard Group

Location? Central London
Price Range? Canapés £1.50-3 per serve (recommend 5-7pp). Tapas £4-5.50 (recommend 2-3pp). Dinner menu £37pp includes canapés, 2 dishes and dessert.
Offering? Tapas, feasting menus and canapés.
Restaurant catering London

Who? Souvlaki

Location? Soho
Price Range? On par with our menus with a few deviations from the traditional Greek dishes we serve.
Offering? The whole menu is available with the exception of the dessert.
Let me know if there’s any other favourites out there that are worth listing.