When it comes to having breakfast locally in Singapore, what comes to mind to most locals is kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs with kopi (coffee in Malay) – coffee being the second most traded commodity in the world and it is being prepared differently everywhere.

Kopi at Coffee Break - Traditional local coffee, Singapore

Here in Singapore and Malaysia, when you purchase a cup of kopi it means you’ll get a black coffee with condensed milk. You will be able to order different variations for your cuppa, which I will list below for reference when you order. The traditional kopi, uses robusta beans that are roasted with butter and sugar. Hence if you were given the chance to compare the beans prepared for kopi and beans roasted for third wave cafes, you’ll be able to tell that the roast here is much darker and there’s a gloss to the surface of the beans.

Kopi at Coffee Break - Traditional local coffee, Singapore Kopi at Coffee Break - Traditional local coffee, Singapore

Coffee Break is located on the second level at Amoy Street Food Centre and is now run by the 3rd generation of the family. Jack and Faye inject new flavours to the usual traditional coffee for a twist but they’re also able to serve you an on-point cup of traditional kopi that is brew on demand. The robust flavour of the coffee is balanced beautifully with the right amount of sweetness from the sugar and condensed milk. After your first sip, you know you will be coming back for more.

Kopi at Coffee Break - Traditional local coffee, Singapore

They also serve toast. Yes, kaya is one of the spreads you will be able to order. Also available are homemade spreads such as almond walnut, black sesame and taro are made with real ingredients and not with artificial flavourings. These are spread onto thinly sliced wholemeal bread that’s toasted perfectly. The taro spread has a light fluffy texture and beautiful yam flavour that is very striking.  The almond aalnut spread has a very distinctive almond, nutty and buttery flavour. The black sesame spread also has a nutty flavour but the flavours of the sesame envelopes your palate.

Kopi at Coffee Break - Traditional local coffee, Singapore

Drinks starts from S$1.30 and toasts starts from S$2.50, you can also order them in sets.

Drinks Ordering Lingo in Singapore:
Kopi – Coffee with Condensed Milk
Kopi O – Coffee with Sugar
Kopi C – Coffee with Sugar & Evaporated Milk
Tiao He – Chinese Tea
Yuan Yang – Coffee with Chinese Tea
Tak Giu – Milo

Contact: Coffee Break – Amoy Street Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Road #02-78 Singapore. Facebook.

Trading Times: Monday-Friday 7.30am-2.30pm, Selected Saturdays 8.30am-2.30pm (Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays).

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