When? August 22, 2014

What is it? Kilo Grill is a self-grill barbecue restaurant with a concept of World Barbecue Cuisine.

Who’s behind it? Kilo Grill Publika are a group of people consists of Malaysian and French with strong passion in food and enjoys a good barbecue session with friends and family. They also love to travel around the world to bring specialties from other grilling culture to Malaysia.

Kilo Grill Publika

Size? 7 tables for 4 and 6 tables for 6 with 1 VIP room for 10

What’s on the Menu?  Appetizers are focused on few bar snacks that they feel appropriate for barbecue or even a good drinking session. There’s a range of items such as Fresh Seasonal Oysters, Special Zucchini soup originated from France, John Ross Jr Smoked Salmon, Fried White Bait, Our Special KGC tenders, KGC wings, KGC Sticky wings (Kilo Grill Chicken), Nachos, Sweet Potato Fries and even Indonesian Deep Fried Tauhu and Tempe.

Mains you can grill on the Barbecue Grill on each table and the focus is on the fresh ingredients. Their specialty includes Fresh Octopus, Iberian Black Pig (They have chosen the 3 parts for grilling we think is best Black Pig Jowl, Collar and Belly), sashimi grade Argentinian sea prawns that they flame at your table to sear the outside.

Kilo Grill Publika

For Veggie lovers, they do have a conveyor belt specially dedicated to fresh vegetables so customers can try different type of vegetables that you might never thought possible to taste good on a grill. For desserts they have special sorbets, frozen macaroons and petai ice cream.

Bookings? Yes

Contact: Kilo Grill Publika – A2-UG1-01, Solaris Dutamas, No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. Ph. 0364190811. Facebook.

Kilo Grill Publika