Once upon a time, trampolining was like a date with danger in the backyard – one false move and oops, you’ve fallen between the springs! Things are a lot less dicey at Jump Street Asia, the enormous warehouse in Petaling Jaya where you can jump alongside friends inside the Main Court, get physical in the dodgeball zones, bounce your way through a basketball game in the Slam Dunk arena or, once you’re dizzy from all that jumping, dive into a pit filled with gigantic foam squares. (Good luck getting out!)

The space used to be a massive Bosch warehouse filled with massive racks full of appliances and parts. They cleared everything out and in came 147 interlocking trampolines. There are also heaps of party rooms (perfect for kids’ birthdays) and a rotating schedule of Aerobics exercise classes for those who really want to burn the calories.

Jump Street Asia Petaling Jaya

Jump Street Asia also has Jump Cafe that serves a health focused food and beverage offering, complete with a viewing platform where people can watch the action. The CEO of Jump Street previously lived in Singapore and was a huge fan of Sarnies, specialising in sandwiches and amazing coffee. Eric – one of the key players took Jump Street up on their offer to be their in-house cafe and now travels between the two countries to ensure everything is running to order.  Their standout is the coffee that is their own single origin beans that is roasted on their site in Singapore and deliver to PJ.
If you’ve never been to a trampoline park – it transports yourself back to your younger days. The staff are all incredibly enthusiastic and willing to teach you just the basics or go through the motions to step things up a notch. They have a number of Malaysian Dodgeball champions working for them who you are able to challenge with your friends if you think you have what it takes and they have Mohd Hamzarudin Nordin who competed for Malaysia in the 2014 Commonwealth Games and is a great person to work with to start building up your trampoline repertoire. Bear in mind to ensure you wear athletic clothing as while I was there a few people who came in wearing jeans did end up with some big holes after trying to do some even bigger moves.
Currently they have Jump Aerobics, one of the most intense workouts you can have in 60 minutes and burning 1000 calories while laughing so hard your abs hurt. Aerobic sessions happen twice a week – Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10am – 11am & 6pm – 7pm. and guaranteed to make you sweat.
Jump Street Asia Petaling Jaya
I have heard that Wednesday nights are currently Dodgeball Madness where you can get a team together and play as much trampoline dodgeball as you can handle between 7pm and 9pm. They will be holding the very first Malaysian Trampoline Dodgeball Championship in the near future with a large sum of money to the last team standing before then rolling out a trampoline dodgeball league that will continue with 3 month seasons.
Jump Street Asia also just announced a partnership with the Malaysian Gymnastics Foundation (MGF) to be a ground roots training ground for the next up and coming Olympic trampolinists. They will be offering MGF courses to kids and adults who want the opportunity to compete within Malaysia and internationally. Jump Street Asia has big plans to roll out thoughout Malaysia, Thailand and the rest of Asia and their next venue will be in Penang hopefully by the end of the year.

If this has piqued your interest it’s worth going online and booking a jump session – thus ensuring the session you would otherwise walk in for is not sold out.

Contact: Jump Street Asia. 8a Jalan 13/6. Seksyen 13, Petaling Jaya, Sengalor, Kuala Lumpur (look for the Bosch building – it’s in the same complex. Ph. 03 7969 1051. Website. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter.

Opening Hours:
Monday 10am to 9pm
Tuesday 10am to 9pm
Wednesday 10am to 9pm
Thursday 10am to 11pm
Friday 10am to midnight
Saturday 9am to midnight
Sunday 9am to 9pm
Off-Peak Sessions: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (excluding public holidays)
Peak Sessions: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays (National, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor).
First Hour Second Hour
Off- Peak RM20 RM17
Peak RM25 RM22
Grip Socks* RM4.50