When researching our month long / 28 day visa trip to Myanmar this year we found very little useful information on the web. There were many blogs about Inle Lake and Bagan and a tiny handful of places in between but nothing that could give you a good sense of what/where you could get to for a full month. So what is the best Itinerary for 28 days in Myanmar?

I decided that there must be others out there looking to find what kind of itinerary is manageable in Myanmar that can be completed with the 28 day visa.  I have split this into a) our actual itinerary and then below b) the itinerary we would do if we could do it all again knowing now what we do. Please not the numbers in the itinerary correspond to the day and not actual dates. We also kept track of how long we had travelled on public transport in Myanmar so I have also decided to add that to the bottom so you know how long travel time is between cities/towns in Burma.

Itinerary for a month in Laos 2015

Itinerary we did in 2015:

  1. Yangon (arrival)
  2. Yangon – do the Circle Line
  3. Mawlamyine – by train 7 hours. We suggest travel by ordinary class
  4. Mawlamyine – climb Kyauktalon Taung and reclining Bhudda
  5. Mawlamyine – Skip the actual Golden rock for Nwa-La-Bo
  6. Hpa An – Boat from Mawlamyine to Hpa An (booked here), hire scooter to bat cave for dusk.
  7. Taungoo – 6am bus -> 4pm arrival in Taungoo
  8. Taungoo – Hire bicycle to ride around town. 4pm bus to…
  9. Loikow – arrive at 4.30am. You could think about getting out at Taunggyi at about 1am but whether guesthouses will be open is another thing. Organise an Ethnic Kyan Village day trek. You will be the only white people in the town so worth a visit to Loikow. 11.5 hour bus to…
  10. Taungyyi – Arrive at about 3.30pm. Head straight to winery. Avoid Cherry Guesthouse (as per link).
  11. Taungyyi – Strategic day – up early with a booked taxi to Kaku at 7.30am, back in time for 1pm bus to Pindaya.
  12. Pindaya – Arrive
  13. Pindaya – Bicycle up to the caves of 1000 Buddhas and ride around lake for the day.
  14. Inle Lake – See post for details but our tip – arrive at 9.30am, get to hostel, get them to get you a boat driver, exit on 7pm bus.
  15. Inle Lake – We booked for 2 days… – took 7pm bus to Mandalay.
  16. Mandalay – Hire a scooter, you’ll need it.
  17. Mandalay – Take train across Viaduct to Hsipaw. Arrive mid afternoon
  18. Hsipaw – Scootered from Hsipaw to Lashio. Overnight in Lashio.
  19. Lashio – Returned from Lashio to Hispaw.
  20. Hsipaw – Bus to Mandalay.
  21. Mandalay – Bus to Katha. 13 hours.
  22. Katha – Spent day in Katha and after feeling we had seen everything took the 9pm overnight train to Shwebo.
  23. Shwebo – Overnight. The next morning took bus to…
  24. Monywa – Overnight in Monywa. The next morning took a bus to…
  25. Bagan
  26. Bagan
  27. Bagan – Bus to Yangon
  28. Yangon – Fly out

Itinerary for a month in Laos 2015

If we were to do it all again – this would be our itinerary:

  1. Yangon
  2. Yangon
  3. Mawlamyine
  4. Mawlamyine
  5. Mawlamyine
  6. Hpa An
  7. Taungoo
  8. Taungyyi (and Katha)
  9. Pindaya
  10. Pindaya
  11. Mandalay
  12. Hsipaw
  13. Hsipaw
  14. Mandalay
  15. Monywa (south) OR Katha (North)
  16. Monywa OR Hopin & up to Lake Indawgigi
  17. Bagan
  18. Bagan
  19. Bagan
  20. Sittwe – Mrauk U (allow 4 nights minimum)
  21. Sittwe – Mrauk U
  22. Sittwe – Mrauk U
  23. Sittwe – Mrauk U
  24. – 28. From here you can see exactly how much time is left and plan your return to Yangon

Travel Times in Myanmar | Burma

Here’s a breakdown of sitting on ass time for our month in Myanmar:

Yangon – Mawlamyine = 11 hours train

Mawlamyine – Hpa An = 3 hours boat

Hpa An – Taungoo = 10 hours bus

Taungoo – Loikow = 11.5 hours bus

Loikow – Taunggyi = 8.5 hours bus

Taunggyi – Pindaya = 3 hours

Pindaya – Myuang Shwe/Inle Lake = 2.5 hours bus

Inle Lake – Mandalay = 10.5 hours bus

Mandalay – Hsipaw = 12 hours train

Hsipaw – Lashio return = 6.5 hours scooter

Hsipaw – Mandalay = 5.5 hours bus

Mandalay – Katha = 13 hours pick up van

Katha – Shwebo = 9.5 hours train

Shwebo – Monywa = 3 hours bus

Monywa – Bagan = 5 hours bus

Bagan to Yangon = 9.5 hours bus

For more information that we picked up while travelling through Myanmar check out our official Burma Page – with all out hints and tips for each city/town.