This is the biggest question we had going into our trip. We realised would have a large wad of cash on us and in any other country that would make us a target. Here’s how we got on.

We arrived with US$964. We took out an additional US$130 three-quarters through our stay and we paid for 8 nights accommodation on Agoda ($300 but could have been $250 had we booked a few days earlier) to save some currency. Do note that Bagan and Inle Lake do sell out fast especially in high season so book a room as soon as you know an definite date. If you’re willing to eat street food (and you should, we ate it exclusively) it will only cost you 50c a bowl of great noodles or salad, 60c for a draft beer and 30c for a litre of water.

I have read many reports that you need to take all your money in with you but that’s no longer the case as there are ATMs everywhere. you’ll find many at the big temples so should you find yourself running low on cash you will have easy access. You will get a 5000 kyat fee from the machine and $5 bank change but worth if you only need to a single cash injection.

So in total we spent $1394 between the two of us in 28 days in Burma that covered all food, drink, accommodation and transport. that’s $700 per person and only $25 per day. $1500 and you will do it comfortably but do note we took no flights within the country so do bear that in mind.

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How much spending money for a month in Myanmar