Home Pressed Juices

When? October 24, 2014

What is it? “Home is where the heart is”, and Home Juice is where the heart-felt passions of their dedicated, visionary team are expressed through service to both our community and ideals. We are an organic juice and salad bar situation in the heart of the Docklands. 

At Home, they are excited about bringing a fresh, organic (and juicy!) nutritional approach to people from all walks of life. The Home friendly crew of health-conscious craftspeople are experts in creating and customizing organic cold-pressed juices, flavourful smoothies, healing tonics and scrumptious salads, and would love nothing more than to see you “@Home” soon to sample some of their amazingly-tasty concoctions.

Home Pressed Juices - Docklands, Melbourne

Who’s behind it? Scott Parry is passionate about the ideals of healthy living, Jessie is now focused on getting the business side of Home Juice running as smoothly as possible, Chris – Store Manager, Sharon Bolt – Energy Director/Spaceholder, Julze – Cacaochemist, Renée McCready – Head Raw Chef and Kersti Kroon.

Size? As they are a takeaway bar our seating is limited but they encourage you to grab a spot on the grass out the front or on the bench inside (9 seats total)

Home Pressed Juices - Docklands, Melbourne

What’s on the Menu? Organic cold pressed juices, smoothies, elixirs, tonics & hot cacao. They also have a great organic salad bar where you can make up your own mix as well a delicious range of raw meals and raw desserts.

Bookings? No

Contact: Home Pressed Juices – Tenancy 9, 720 Bourke St, Docklands 3008. Website. Facebook. Instagram.

Home Pressed Juices - Docklands, Melbourne