The Old Blue Last Festival | Shoreditch Park

Saturday 23rd July

Blue skies and scorching sunshine graced East London festival goers as The Old Blue Last transported their iconic Shoreditch based live music venue into Shoreditch Park, creating an open air music venue complete with world class food and drinks.

As the crowd enjoyed the glorious sunshine, locals with or without a ticket could enjoy the music. Shoreditch park provided a perfect setting to enjoy your ‘tinnies outside the enclosed space. Those inside got a closer view of highlights throughout the afternoon which included Shame, Johnny Lloyd previously of Tribes and Happyness whose gripping set certainly put a smile on the crowds faces.

GIG REVIEW: Spector & Swim Deep headline The Old Blue Last festival.

Later, Spector joined the party. Fred Macpherson’s confident yet alluring presence soon got the crowd dancing with their vibrant and energetic set list that included fan favourites ‘All The Sad Young Men’ and ‘Chevy Thunder’.

Closing the show as the Sun came down was Swim Deep, whose set provided a perfect end to a scorching day. A spaced-out gorgeously languid mix of their first two albums, had the crowd rocking. Highlight’s included ‘She Changes The Weather’, ‘King City’ and an eight-minute psychedelic-epic ‘Fuelho Boogie’ inspiring Lead singer Austin ‘Ozzy’ Williams climb the side of the stage like a man possessed. A gripping set for the from the Birmingham headliners capped off a brilliant day, not bad for a fiver aiy?

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