Filter coffee in Melbourne is back. The specialty coffee movement has redefined the filter experience and cafes and patrons are loving it!

Melbourne over the last decade has proven that espresso coffee can taste good (without sugar) and now filter aficionado’s such as Collingwood’s Promised Land Coffee are taking it to the next level and proving that filter coffee tastes even better. Supplying top 10 cafes such as Square and Compass (the guys behind Barry’s and Pillar of Salt) and industry foodie icon 5 & Dime Bagels, Promised Land brew “batches” of specialty filter coffee and deliver it daily to cafes and offices in Melbourne’s CBD and Inner Suburbs.

Filter coffee in Melbourne is *BACK*

The problem for cafes is quality, consistency and wait time. There is a barrier to entry for cafes who want to add filter to their menu. One is the labour drain having taking a barista away from their espresso machine to hand-craft a pour-over or aeropress. Furthermore many cafes are not equipped with the precision gear to make batch brew well. Promised Land’s batch brew delivery guarantees that those problems are solved, nailed in fact. They have invested in the best equipment, spend time getting the recipe for their lightly roasted coffee just right, and have a logistics set up to deliver on time, every time. This is a new platform, an infrastructure for the future and its changing the way cafes interact with their roaster.

Filter coffee in Melbourne is *BACK*

Who is it for? Cafe’s who want to add the highest quality filter coffee to their menu, or offices who want to take office coffee to a crazy new level!

How is it made? Batch brew is made using advanced electronic brewing equipment. Promised Land uses the touchscreen Extractor Pro from Fetco. Every variable is controlled guaranteeing a perfect coffee every time. The coffee is brewed into stylish 3 litre urns called airpots that are vacuum sealed, and stays hot for 12+ hours. How does it work? Every morning Promised Land’s coffee specialists are up early to brew your coffee and deliver it to you. When they deliver your daily airpot the old one is picked up from the day before, and your customers are ready to be delighted once more! And for cafes who fancy cold brew in the fridge, Promised Land have ready made glass bottles to pour the coffee into for sale.

Filter coffee in Melbourne is *BACK*

Catering options are also available.

Where can I try some? 5 and Dime bagels, Katherine Place, CBD. T’Roy Browns, Flinders Street. Square and Compass, East Melbourne.

Contact: Instagram or Jonathon 0466418990.