Sebby Holmes, who was until recently head chef at Soho’s Smoking Goat, is running a monthly series of Kitchen Residencies while he sets up his first bricks and mortar gaff.

Why should you care, I hear you ask?!

Farang London - White Boy Cooks Thai

Seb started cooking when he was 13 where he grew up in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. He trained in a 2 roaster British European hotel and fell in love with cooking. It was here he was taught how to forage and use seasonal ingredients at their best when possible.

Sebby then travelled at 17, Thailand, oz, nz and Fiji for a year for fun and food. When he came back Seb continued cooking whilst going to Kingston university and getting a degree in journalism. You can now read his food blog with his Thai recipes and general bollocks (

Farang London - White Boy Cooks Thai

After graduating he went to the Begging Bowl in Peckham where he fell in love with Thai food, then worked his way to sous chef within a year and stayed there for another two.

Here Seb met Andy Oliver from Som Saa, and Anitta potter (one of David Thomsons head chefs) so was surrounded by amazing talent for years and they all shared all of their knowledge with him, all still good friends today.

Farang London - White Boy Cooks Thai

From this Seb was headhunted to help launch the Smoking Goat as head chef. He did this for a year and received rave reviews from all major media outlets, bloggers and customers.

Now at 25, it’s time for Seb to give it a try himself. He believes in a fun interactive style of eating, and hold no loyalty to authenticity, just flavour. He chose the name Farang to show people that he’s honest about what he do, in his own words ‘white boy cooking Thai food’.

Farang London -

UPDATED 7 March 2016

There’s a Farang Easter bank holiday Monday special on the horizon, that you all need to check out. The price includes portions of all the food for each person and they’re only doing one sitting at 15:00 due to the date as Seb wants people to relax, enjoy it and take their time. It’s three courses for £28 and they’ll also of course have Chang beer and Thai wines to try from Monsoon Valley.
Also he’s about to confirm that he might be teaming up with Thomas from Bold Spirits (It’s the best craft spirit you probably don’t have in you home bar – our review) doing a Thai small plates and cocktails pop-up sometime in April at the Clapham Lodge (30 second walk from tube station). If it goes well he may do it every Monday on the regular for a month or so. So check back here and we’ll let you know when we have 100% confirmation.


Seb Holmes from Farang London ( and Tomas Lenko from Bold Spirits ( have been working alongside each other for the last few months at Brook Green Market in Shepherds Bush and love each other’s products so much they have decided to team up (Batman v Superman style) for a limited time.
Their new pop-up event taking place Mondays at the Lodge Clapham starting from Monday 11th April throughout the month. Farang London and Bold Spirits are collaborating to bring Londoners Thai sharing plates and cocktails at The Lodge Clapham, two minutes walk from Clapham North underground station.
Tables can be reserved via the email address and they’ll be open from 17:30 – 22:00.

Here’s what the menu will look like:



GIF Review:


Contact: The Lodge – 409 Clapham Road London SW9 9BT. Ph. 0207 737 0722. Website.


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