‘Django Bango’ the Old West Pop UpDjango Bango

When? 19th Feb, running every Friday and Saturday until 2nd April

What is it? Wild West pop-up ‘Django Bango’ is coming to Whitechapel. Made entirely of wood, Django Bango is a bona fide buckaroo town with sprawling multi-storey buildings and dusty streets; complete with a Saloon Bar, creaky church confessional and the risk of jail time for any outlaws.

Who’s behind it? Three old friends Vivienne Errington-Barnes, Wenny Armstrong, and Sorcha Harriman-Smith

What’s on the Menu? Old West style offering including:

  • Nachos, guac, salsa, Django Bango cheese sauce, fresh jalapeños
  • 10 hour roasted hog carved in the square, brioche bap, slaw, Django Bango sauces
  • Cowboy con carne, warm cornbread, slaw
  • Veggie gumbo, warm cornbread, slaw
  • Oreo Crodough Wagon Wheel
  • PBJ Crodough Wagon Wheel

Bookings? Yes – Here.

Contact: Django Bango – 22 – 36 Raven Row. Whitechapel, London, E1 2EG. Ph. +44 (0)7791292202. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.

Django Bango