Who’s behind Butler’s Gin?

Ross, a spritely 24 years old, was a designer, a little bit too full for his shoes he was getting upset with clients telling him his designs needed to be updated he decided to create a design that would last forever. Ross is a one-man band; he makes the bottles, labels and signs every single bottle of Butler’s that is made. Welcome to the world Butler’s Gin.

British Craft Spirits and Cocktail Guide - Butler's Gin

Where did it all start?

The reason Ross chose Gin is that like a good sleuth, it was under his nose – and it all came together on a cold January back in 2012. Years went by of research and development and all he had was milk bottles full of gin distilled from his boat in Hackney Wick. The reason he was distilling on a boat was so he didn’t blow up his shack of a warehouse on the canal side.

The idea first slapped me in Callooh Callay, Rivington Street but it all came together in Hackney Wick where we still roll around today.

British Craft Spirits and Cocktail Guide - Butler's Gin

What sets Butler’s gin apart?

Originally inspired by a Victorian recipe, the gin is placed in a 20-litre glass jar with infusion bags containing fresh lemongrass, cardamom, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, star anise, fennel, lemon and lime. After infusing for 18 hours it is hand-bottled.   Each bottle is then signed by The Butler personally to ensure the highest quality.  The light green-meets-yellow tint is achieved by the Butler’s addition of lemongrass and cardamom – a unique blend that aromatherapists consider both refreshment and a relaxant.

All ingredients are organically sourced, and every stage of production and craftsmanship has been researched to ensure The Butler’s Gin is sustainable and kind to the environment.

What’s in the future for Butler’s Gin?

Get a bigger plant and boat! They are at full capacity on the Gin Boat and Butler’s Gin’s new production unit is in Shoreditch right now so they’re listening to some investment proposals to assist in expansion plans across England. They’re also building a bigger family in London, Manchester and Sussex. There’s also a Canned Gin & Tonic to be released with Bermondsey Tonic Water. It’s a story in a can where Hackney meets Bermondsey as two small producers make something truly unique to be shared.

Tasting Notes

Lemongrass alongside lemon and lime zest appear first on an initially sweet nose with plenty of liquorice and a little cinnamon. Given time, cardamom comes to the fore. On the palate it’s quite fragrant, perhaps a little coriander before sweet fennel and blue and pink Liquorice Allsorts take over. Cardamom again develops along with lime beneath the surface.

Serving Suggestions:

British Craft Spirits and Cocktail Guide - Butler's Gin

Gin, Jam & Ginger

 – 50 ml Butler’s Gin

 – A generous teaspoon (or two) of  blackcurrant jam

 – Ginger Beer

Muddle the gin & jam in a highball along with plenty of ice and top up with your favourite ginger beer. Don’t be afraid to add more jam if you you fancy it & once you’ve got the hang of it play around with different types of jam! For a more delicate libation muddle some honey & lavender with the gin & jam and top up with an even mixture of ginger beer & soda. Enjoy!

British Craft Spirits and Cocktail Guide - Butler's Gin

Where can I find out more about Butler’s Gin?

Purchase Butler’s Gin here.