Black Flat Coffee Brewers

When: April 14, 2014

Black Flat Coffee Brewers

What is it? Specialty coffee brewers in Glen Waverley. Axil roasted beans, an array of local pastries baked daily, and in-house toasties to on fresh Noisette bread.

Who’s behind it? Jordan Harrick – Owner & Barista plus a quality focused team, including head barista; Jason Kim (previously barista at Pour Kids, Malvern)

Size? Bar seating with small amount of outdoor seating

What’s on the Menu? Specialty coffee blends from Axil Coffee Roasters, Hawthorn. Delicious fresh pastries from Noisette Bakery. Yummy take-away breakfast and hand crafted local muffins

Bookings? No

ContactShop 6 39-51 Kingsway, Glen Waverley 3150. Ph. 0420 636138. Website. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.

Black Flat Coffee Brewers

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