Bisque cakes

What is it? Classy, chic and fully customizable; Bisque is an online, made-to-order cake connoisseur. Their selection of tasty gourmet treats offer classic comfort topped off with a healthy dose of TLC.

Who’s behind it? Bisque is currently co-owned by Juliana Omar and her younger brother Hakim Omar, together with a Creative Team of talented young Food-preneurs and experienced bakers.

What’s on the Menu? You can opt for a 7inch or 9inch cake, mix and match your toppings from the list of available “additionals” and have it delivered to your doorstep or picked up at their location in Damansara Perdana, P.J.

Bisque Classic Cakes varies from traditional Royal Red Velvet and famous Australian Lamingtons, to the rich French Valrhona Chocolate Couture or the more unique flavors such as Maverick Mint, or if you are a true dessert fan, add the Valrhona Chocolate Brownies on any of their cakes for a mountain of joy.

Bookings? Orders are made via website 3-4 days in advance, as all Bisque cakes are freshly made to order.

Contact: Website. Facebook. Instagram.

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