How do we siphon every London meal down to just this? Well it helps that we ate out almost 5 days a week for the past 12 months. And were we impressed? Hell Yeah!

You can find me talking with Leyla from Cutlery Chronicles and Matt from Matt The List where we chatted for 2.5 hours on our best and worst London dining experiences in 2016.

So I’m keeping this list brief with details as we get a lot more in depth on our podcast ‘sode that you can listen in full to HERE.

Here’s what we consider to be London’s best dishes/restaurants/foodie events of 2016:

Best Cheap Eat:

Chops at Blacklock - Soho

Blacklock Soho for lunch + dinner – founded by 3 veterans of Hawksmoor, £20 all in, £5 cocktails, chops. What more do you want?

Runners up:

Kricket (Pop Brixton, food from Will Bowlby, small Indian sharing plates, great alternative brunch); Kiln – Ben Chapman from Smoking Goat doing some killer Thai.

Best up and comer

Tem Ban Thai at The King and Co

Tem Ban Thai – Craig Broadhurst is a rising star, ex Begging Bowl and Smoking Goat, popping up around London, currently in Shrub and Shutter. 

Runner up:

RockaDollar Hotdogs Carnaby

Rockadollar (Richard Sandihurst, pimped up post dogs, Hawksmoor Knightsbridge Head Chef, quality meats).

Best Brunch 

Bababoom Battersea

Bababoom – Read our review here.

Runner Up:

Hill & Szrock Public House (Find them on Old Street Roundabout, butcher, bar manager, Tom Richardson-Hill & Alex Szrock butchers in Broadway Market;

Milk Cafe Balham

Milk (Aussie Style Brunch; Victory Mansion (Ex Ottolenghi chef i the kitchen pumping out some quality alternative brunch options).

Best Burger

Indy Man Beer Con 2016: 48 beer-fuelled hours in Manchester

Almost Famous DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS BURGER in Manchester’s Northern Quarter – Wonderdust hotdog melt, American & cheddar cheese, trailer trash onions, French’s mustard, Winning ketchup Million Island sauce.
Runner Up:
Chick 'n' Sours - Dalston
The Colonel at Chick’n’Sours – what Carl calls his “perfect Chicken Sandwich”. That’s buttermilk-brined herb-fed thigh fried in the signature Chick ‘n’ Sours crispy coating, served on potato bread with a buttermilk herb mayo, lettuce, pickles and American cheese. 
Slow Richies
Slow Richies – best burger in Peckham and so damn affordable too.

Best place to drink

Hop Burns and Black

Hop Burns and Black (Glen and Jenn, Hop (beer), Burns (hot sauce), Black (old school music), BYO food allowed, takeaway Growlers, community orientated.
Runner Up:
Spuntino (Russell Norman NY style speakeasy in Soho and best place to wait out a table at The Palomar).
Brick Brewery – our local craft beer brewery also serves up  the best Pils in London – Peckham Pils to be exact.

Best Foodie Event

Indy Man Beer Con 2016: 48 beer-fuelled hours in Manchester

IndyManBeerCon 2016 – Held in 3 empty Victorian Baths, 5th year, £2.25 per 3rd. Read out full review).
Runner Up:
Beavertown Rainbow project Launch (7 UK breweries this year are paired up with 7 New Zealand breweries and tasked to produce some mind blowing beers, 34 taps of glorious beer in all, You buy a ticket, it includes all of your beer for the day and a Limited Edition Beavertown glass to drink it from) Listen to our live podcast broadcast from there;
Brooklyn BeerMash

Dish of the year


Kricket Bhel Puri (puffed-up rice topped with powdered chickpeas) was crisp and dry, but came with a dollop of rich yogurt and a dribble of sour-sweet tamarind.raw mango, sev, tamarind, yogurt – a bargain at £4 – Read our review.

Best/Worst Food Trend 2016 

Rooftop Beer offerings (so far so boring, Carlsberg, Heineken, so many local breweries, people willing to pay so why not try it. Large drink groups have stranglehold on the industry.
Runner Up:
Poke (apparently a 2017 food trend, served everywhere in Hawaii, traditionally chunks of tuna marinated in soy and sesame, tuna poké is cut into thick cubes and mixed as a free-form salad. Poké is probably closest to ceviche). 

Disappointment of the year

Cha Chaan Teng London

Cha Chaan Teng (Full review) ; Mercato Metropolitano ; Mason & Co ; Wahleeah Closing ; Le Bun

One to watch

Boss Lady Noodles – Henry set up in a small wooden Hut at back of Busey Building, wire noodle baskets and tending tall pots of stock,There are three noodle soups available, including the classic brisket and radish, a vegetarian option and usually another, curried soup. Sides include wantons, vegetables and other titbits, which fill the table with lots of little dishes for dipping into with keen chopsticks.

Dave Ahern – Breakout Burger – had to close Wahleeah but keep a keen eye out for his return to the London scene in 2017.

Restaurant of the Year 

Legs (Aussie Magnus Reid, started out as a tattoo artist and was in kitchen to pay for training, Just opened in Hackney, ‘legs’ are the vinous streaks down the inside of your glass, more than a neighbourhood wine bar, short menu of nine savoury plates priced from £7 to £12 — designed for sharing, Every dish is a delightful tumble of texture and taste: superficially simple but using bold, bright combinations that elevate them well past the ordinary, wine focused, sit around a tiny counter)

Runner Up:

Tem Ban – chasing them around SE London – and you should too.

Listen to the full podcast ‘sode where Matt The List, Cutlery Chronicles and I go full in depth this all their picks in the mix too. & now on iTunes.