Beatrix makes us happy. And here’s why:

Toasted ciabatta: good. Warm, juicy, finger-lickin’ flavourful fillings: good. Well-made Allpress coffee offerings: good. Desserts to die for: obviously, very good.

The locals feel the love.

We stumbled upon this place a few weeks back, and were at first not convinced by the very short menu consisting of sandwich or, well, sandwich. But how wrong we were. Blame our upbringing.  Victims of incessant choice we thought we needed a plethora of egg, avocado and corn fritter dishes to make our brunch time tick. Apparently, this is not the case, as this Queensberry Street front parlour so confidently proves.

Not small – intimate…

Large or small, meat or veggie. It’s that simple. On our first visit – a Vietnamese bahn mi (pulled pork, coriander and spicy Asian salad) and lemony bortolli beans and other yummy, creamy stuff were on the board. The meat ciabatta was a no-brainer – packed with flavour and just right. The veggie one was surprisingly good too – coming from a bean-sceptic.

You really can’t lose.

Today, we feasted on pot-roasted lamb shoulder with a spicy harissa carrot salad, mint and labne, and a basil-marinated eggplant ciabatta with roasted ricotta and rocket.

Pot-roasted lamb shoulder…

Admittedly, the veggie choice didn’t hit the mark as it has in the past – but at $8.50 for a small and $10.50 for a large serving, it is tasty, filling and lovingly homemade – well worth it. The lamb (($10.50/$13.50) was fab.

The Veggie Option.

There is a great sense of care with every dish delivered and an obvious passion here – especially when it comes to desserts.

Heaps of decadent splurge options.  All are homemade with a good selection of cakes, brownies and cookies (and lamingtons). My favourite is the cabinet of daily-changing cheesecakes.  Last visit it was lemon zest and this visit was banana cheesecake.

But I did a double take when I noticed the raspberry fool meringue roulade for a very reasonable $7.50.  This, my friends, is the holy grail in a mini-fridge.  It is as God would have intended. The flavour was astounding and I wonder why I have not encountered something of its like before.

Oh. My. God. OMG!!

So to sum up, and to do the hardworking lady in the justice, there is also granola, mushroom toastie and grilled Otway Ranges bacon and fried egg rolls, so there is actually more of a choice than we at first claimed. But, to be honest, once you’ve had a Beatrix ciabatta that’s all you can think about.


West Melbourne 
688 Queensberry St
North Melbourne, 3051

Ph. (03) 9090 7301

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