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Go Viet – South Kensington

It takes a lot to stand out in South Kensington. It’s a strange neighbourhood with a large mix of tourists, Imperial College foreign students living off a measly stipend, and mega wealthy locals tucked away in their perfect wisteria-adorned homes. As a restaurant, who do you cater? The volumes of tourist, hungry after powerwalking through all three museums looking for a cheap and cheerful meal, or the locals who are able to spend a pretty penny on outstanding freshly cooked food? According to the press release, Go Viet just opened its doors in earlier this month, though during our...

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Walking the Salzkammergut (Brine Pipeline) – Austria

The best way to reach Austria’s picture-perfect lakeside town of Hallstatt? On foot, of course. A few years ago, I spent days trudging to Machu Picchu – sleeping in a freezing tent and fearing every night I was drawing my last breath as the altitude sickness crashed over me in waves. The hardships, however, where all worth it when I finally arrived at the Lost City having earned the right to sneer at people who had caught the train. They might not have been strung out on Skittles and Tramadol, and it’s unlikely they missed sunrise because they fell asleep amid the llamas, but I think we can all agree on who had the more rewarding experience. Of course, the hardships we faced on the two-day, 20km trail that we followed from Bad Ischl were significantly less, but the traveller’s badge of honour was very much pinned to my backpack as we made our descent into Hallstatt and the sparkling Lake Traunsee. The other option involves arriving by coach and having your eyes poked out by selfie sticks, which is far less romantic. Therefore, if only for the bragging rights, we urge you to lace up your hiking boats and hit the trail. Here’s everything you need to know about walking the Salzkammergut Brine Pipeline. The route: Excitement levels were high when we realised our path from Bad Ischl...

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Bristol Gourmet Getaway Guide

Bristol was named as the UK’s most desirable location in the Sunday Times Best Places to Live Guide in 2017. Over the course of the past two years, I’ve been captivated by the stories of the food and drink scene that’s come to the fore and I decided to head over to take a look at what we’re all missing in London. Amazingly when I tried to crowdsource suggestions of where to check out, many people from the UK hadn’t ever visited even though it is £15 each way and less than two hours from Paddington. Look, we can’t all up...

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