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Gong Bar Review

This week GŌNG Bar, perched atop the 52nd floor of the Shangri-La Hotel in The Shard, launched its new menu, entitled Director’s Cut. The menu is inspired famous film directors and attempts to illustrate parallels in storytelling, capturing that essence in a cocktail. As expected, the list of 16 new cocktails vary in their level of theatrics to capture the senses. The Steven Spielberg-inspired drink, ‘Fear of the Jungle’ is made with pisco, banana, pineapple skin sherbert, lime and chocolate mole, garnished with a scorpion. An actual scorpion. Light and refreshing, I could taste pisco, pineapple, lime and not...

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The Bold and the Beautiful

A punchy British-made spirit is given a light, summer twist thanks to the blending power of the Kenwood kMix. Regular readers of our blog will know that, while we spend a LOT of time eating and drinking our way around London, we rarely cook in. In fact, whenever we do get creative in the kitchen it usually involves raiding our drinks cabinet and whipping up a few cocktails inspired by our favourite bars. When it comes to experimenting, it’s all about having the right kit. Shaken or stirred is so old-school when you can use a juicer, blender or...

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Budapest Gourmet Travel Guide

I have travelled to many great cities over the past couple of years, but I and many others will say it… there is something (so many things) special about Budapest. The Hungarian Capital straddles the mighty Danube River split into sides: Buda & Pest. Formerly two separate cities and each very distinct from the other, the city as a whole has fast become a top European travel destination over the last few years for both young partygoers or for those looking for a relaxing escape – and for many good reasons. With the cost of accommodation, drinks and meals...

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Street Feast’s Giant Robot Failure

Before I start I want to apologise for the quality of photos in this post. I recently bought a telephoto lens and decided to test it out on the night in question. Mega-zoom lenses probably not great for a small space. The problem I have with Street Feast’s new Giant Robot market is pretty much everything that is wrong with London right here and now. There’s a lot of good shit but there’s also some shit shit dressed up, trying to pass itself off as something it’s not. The spirit of Street Feast comes from the original markets like...

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The Mountgrove Bothy: strange name, super food

Many of London’s restaurants seems to be obsessed with big, bold, smack-you-in-the-face dishes these days – smoky slabs of meat smothered with tart barbecue sauce and pickled chillies, punchy Korean slaw slapped on top of crispy fried hunks of chicken – you know what we mean. Which is why we were delighted to find Josh Dallaway (ex Jackdaw on Lower Clatpton Road) has taken pity on our overloaded, jaded taste buds and created a simple menu that shines with subtle but beautifully paired flavours. I don’t think I am overdoing it to say some dishes written up on the chalkboard were reminiscent of Petersham Nurseries when it was at its very best (late 2000s, by my estimate). I also don’t think it’s overdoing it to say that eating at the Mountgrove Bothy (ex art gallery near Clissold Park) is something of a re-education. Today’s sharing menu scene means we have become accustomed to plates popping out of a kitchen whenever they are ready, but here they trickle to your table – forcing you to focus on each offering (they all are interesting enough to be taken in isolation) while exploring the well-priced wine list (there’s a funky vermentino available by the glass that’s really worth trying). Working out of a kitchen so minimalist I would struggle to whip up a bowl of pasta and pesto (my student day’s staple), Josh is...

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