Upon planning our trip to Copenhagen we did as much research as possible and continued to collate the list each day with every nugget of gold we came across. This post is inspired by The City Lanes Post of a similar name. He came up with 9 tips that I would have in-hand the immediate second I touched down in Tokyo. I hope we can do the same for Copenhagen. The thing to keep in mind below is the conversion rate: 10DKK = £1 so 100DKK = £10. Simple Really.

Mobile Phone Data

Lebara Mobile prepaid sim


I’m not interested in telephone or SMS deals on a prepaid phone plan when I’m travelling. The best idea for tourists arriving in Copenhagen is to ensure their phone is unlocked and get a Lebara Mobile prepaid sim card. WARNING: there are machines as you go through the airport trying to sell you a Lebara Simard for is 200DKK (£20) for 2Gig of data – But wait until you get into town and visit one of the many 7/11’s and you can get a Lebara Mobile prepaid sim card for 49DKK then only 999DKK for 20Gig of data – so less than £15 for ten times the amount of data! SO DO NOT BUY THIS FROM THE AIRPORT. You will have all the internet you need. More countries need to do this.

Uber failsafe


This is a must if you’re travelling internationally and unsure of the transport situations you could end up in. A warning to you – there are astonishingly few taxis in Copenhagen as everyone either has a bike or car so cover yourself and download Uber before you leave. Uber has strong-armed it’s way into Copenhagen life here offering a much more professional service than local taxis. There was even the option for an ‘Uber Bike’ which we have no clue to what it was but wish we used it!

That’s why you should load Uber on your phone before you arrive. The cars are brand new, the drivers have an iPad in every car with the route for them to follow and you also sometimes get water or lollies from some drivers. Use Uber X which undercuts the price of local taxis for the same journey by 20%, so it’s a no brainer to use them and since the cost does onto your credit card you can worry about the bill (cheap) when you get home.

Get your first ride free on Sharking for Chips and Drinks – Sign up here and get a massive discount off your first ride!

Train to and from Copenhagen Airport


There is a direct train and metro line that’s super simple to use. We used the train both times (took 15 mins) but the metro departs every 5 minutes and ensures you never miss a flight. The train costs just 36DKK each way which is really cheap and continues through the city so you (hopefully) don’t have to change modes of transport to get to your hotel.

Where to stay in Copenhagen?



You want somewhere central with all the amenities and close to some of the city’s best food and drink haunts? We couldn’t look past Ibsens Hotel in trendy Nansensgade, this cutting-edge hotel decorated with local and international artwork. 50 metres from the front door is the city’s best food and drink market with coffee from The Coffee Collective that will save you every morning. Link: http://www.arthurhotels.dk/ibsens-hotel/

Bike hire in Copenhagen


You really need to look at some of the deals that are happening in town and don’t take the word of your concierge who says that the rates the hotel charges are the same across everywhere in town. Our hotel was doing bikes for 150DKK per day (£15pp/per bike seemed a bit rich) so we headed to Kobenhavns Cyclebors on Gothersgade who did bikes for 75DKK per day or 200DKK for 3 days. Much, much cheaper!  Look for multiple deals around as there’s usually a couple of different choices of bike to use. The city is pretty flat so you can easily survive with the basic locals bike. Bring your own bike lights if you have them as it will save you a few bucks and ensure you have warm gloves if you intend to ride in Winter!! It’s pretty much a must to hire a bike otherwise you won’t even scratch the surface of this city which is very much beige than you would expect.

Curated Maps are your best friend

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 3.06.07 PM

You can go with the option of the paper tourist maps – but the amount of families I’ve seen here all standing around in the cold while the one of the parents twists and turns a map around trying to figure out what street they are on but that’s not marked on the map is astounding. Save face by downloading our personal Copenhagen Google Map before you leave. It has every single place we visited and would recommend plus other recommendations we pinpointed but either were closed on our visit or unable to book as they were full. Download it here.

Copenhagen budget

Many people say that Copenhagen is a very expensive city – but in reality almost everything is inline with pricing you find in London. Where we did see price spikes was with craft beer – usually about £2-3 for a half, it’s usually around 4,500DKK-5,500DKK.

Torvehallerne is the amazing market close to our hotel we spoke about above and has some great affordable food stalls to choose from. We tended to graze as we travelled around Copenhagen so we usually went halves in a Smorrebrod or Bahn Mi that were made fresh to order here. There’s also a bunch of bakeries around that have some amazing and cheap pastries that need to be tried as well. Plus the hunt for the best hotdogs in town will keep you full as well.

Book restaurants well ahead


Don’t be left out in the cold by finding your dining destination booked out. The post-Noma dining scene in Copenhagen is very strong when compared to when I first visited around 8 years ago – so you will probably have a long list of places to try out. We booked every one of our restaurants weeks out from our arrival – more just to have an option to dine each night. It costs nothing to book so if you find somewhere more to your liking then it’s nothing from your pocket. We found many of the best restaurants to be very competitively priced, especially coming from London and Australia. Most have set menu prices for 3, 7, 10 and 15 courses – many under £45pp. We will have a full wrap up in our Foodie City Guide but my hot tip is book Host – 3 courses (which ended up being around 8-9 courses with complimentary dishes in-between) for 400DKK all cooked by ex Noma chefs.

Skip The Little Mermaid

Lets just say you’ve been warned.

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